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Online Meditation Classes | Southern California

A Spiritual Practice Doesn’t Have to be So Serious.


I was put-off by meditation for a long time…Online Meditation Group | Southern California

…even when I was meditating every day — because it felt really austere.  I had an illuminating conversation with a friend not long ago about why this might be, and she pointed out that most of these contemplative practices in Buddhism/Hinduism (for example) were first introduced by MONKS; people whose entire realities were robes and head-shaving and celibacy and rice with no salt.

But when your kid is being an asshole and your whole heart is breaking while you sit in traffic, we’re throbbing with the pulse of real life, and real life is where we need our spiritual practice the most: in the trenches of an average Tuesday.

It’s called the Tennessee Whiskey Club for no illuminating reason; it was just the song playing when I dreamt this thing up, and I’m over cutely-titled club names with pictures of emaciated women wearing hippy fringe and beaded headbands.

There, I said it.

(Plus it made me laugh and I have a weird sense of humor, so: welcome to the strange underpinnings of my creative process.)

Online Meditation Group | Morgan Loves You


This online group functions a lot like the in-person gatherings: once or twice a week, you’ll get a video / a recording of a talk / meditation via email.  I give a lot of guidance on how these concepts will help you along in developing a meditation practice that doesn’t make you wanna pull your hair out, plus other spiritual stuff about the basics of being a good human and feeling at home in our lives.


Most of the “problems” we think we have come from our judgements of our very human, very normal and profound experience of being these incredible, luminous spirits having a messy, beautiful human experience — and not having a psycho-spiritual road map for the process.

This group is as close as we can all get to gathering in my cozy home studio.  This content is real, and it’s my privilege and passion to demystify the mystical and to assist each of you in accessing this truth:

At our core, we are inherently good, kind and completely sane.


Membership is $29.00 for the month

Online Meditation Group | Morgan Loves You

[Our next session starts June 1st, 2016!]